Strategic Partners

TNI is an official authorize reseller and implementation partner of SmartSimple. TNI became an approved authorize reseller and implementation partner of SmartSimple in 2016. With this partnership, TNI implements the SmartSimple Grant Management Solution to the Federal, State, and Local government organizations.

SmartSimple’s process automation platform, is used by dozens of federal and state agencies to automate their processes. It provides unparalleled tracking and reporting functionality for anything from grants, to case and records management.  

This personalized software solution is used across all three levels of Government, and just in 2017, SmartSimple processed 900,000 grants, with an award value of more than $4 billion. SmartSimple adheres to industry leading compliance and audit standards, including SOC 2 certified and FedRAMP Authority to Operate (at the moderate impact level issued by the US Department of Defense).

Key Industry Differentiators

Grants Management at Scale – Globally there are few platforms currently supporting $4B in awarded grants annually, processing +900,000 applications, in 194 countries, in dozens of languages and currencies.  Fewer companies can boast of this accomplishment without customization (coding).

Fully Configurable Process Automation – The core concept supporting the platform is the proprietary Universal Tracking Application (™), this meta-application can be configured to track and report any data activity.  

Pioneering Spirit – From the addition of ABAC (attribute based access control) to the field level, to client configurable Amazon Alexa voice integration, to Smart Applications and Application Versioning, and Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning; SmartSimple’s innovating spirit continues to result in relevant industry firsts.

ABAC –  Provides the most granular level of access control

Amazon Alexa voice integration – Enables configurable natural language voice database queries

Smart Applications and Application Versioning – allowing the creation of concurrent versions of applications and forms all using a common set of underlying fields, with the benefit of easy creation and modification and testing for forms pre-launch, as well as the preservation of past form values and appearance.

Universal Design Platform as a Service

TNI is an implementation partner of the Universal Design Platform as a Service (UDPaaS) cloud-based Intelligent Business Automation Platform. UDPaaS brings together agencies’ digital transformation strategy, end-to-end business processes, workforce experiences, and user experiences using any device with a web browser. It is an integrated application design and workflow automation platform that enables agencies to create high-impact solutions for their most complex business challenges. Using a scalable and FedRAMP authorized solution that overcome Chief Information Officers (CIOs) compliance and risk concerns, it unleashes productivity and enables transparency across the enterprise. Agencies can implement business ideas into applications in weeks or months rather than years. UDPaaS’ low code allows non-technical staff members to create integrated and interoperable apps with little to no programming knowledge. This Software as a Service (SaaS) application platform enables the Line of Business owners to rapidly develop and deliver applications. The Applications developed using UDPaaS automatically meet 100% of the FedRAMP security requirements using co-created digital governance that has already been approved by CIOs. UDPaaS fills the gaps that business users experience for which there is not a standard fix. 

The SaaS platform supports an agency’s transition to DevSecOps by enabling rapid, secure application design at all levels, allowing almost anyone to create Software without a steep learning curve. UDPaaS combines DevOps and security by integrating FedRAMP’s standardized approach to security and risk assessment into the Platform, enabling all applications designed on the UDPaaS Platform to meet FedRAMP “moderate” compliance. 

Lines of Business Supported by UDPaSS 

Supports key E-Gov lines of business fro the Government (e.g. Case Management, Financial Management, Grants Management, Human Resources Management, Federal Health Architecture, and Budget Formulation)

• Completely Web Based – All functionality is delivered via browser on almost any computer using a cloud-native SaaS.

• Security Features – Access to the system, database, and each application is controlled by roles so that each user’s view of the system is based on their “need to know.” All privileges are granted on the server side, so users cannot manipulate permissions. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)/Attribute-Based Access Control from object to user Interface level ensures data integrity. Personal information is protected with encryption.

• Data Model Extendibility – Cloud-native multi-model database can be extended without programming to gather (and report) on any number of additional fields.

• Reporting & Alerts – Performed throughout the system to automate approval, alert and acknowledge applications without the need for 3rd party applications.

• RESTful Application Program Interface (API) – SmartConnect API integrates with other web services and systems using JSON. 

• Single Sign-on (SSO) – SSO supports SAML 2.0 using customer provided or third-party federated identify solutions. This includes Department of Defense enterprise-wide digital identify, authentication, and authorization capabilities.

• Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance – Enables the email sender to indicate that their emails are protected with SPF and/or DKIM to reduce spam emails.