The TNI Approach

Just because our solutions can be complex, doesn’t mean our approach has to be.

No matter the size or solution, our team takes the time to understand your company and your network. We help you to understand and then design a technology solution customized to your current and future needs. Including your budget. With more than 10 years of experience, our team will implement your solution with the highest quality of products and experience in a smooth and timely manner.  We will document, discuss and educate you on your network and solution. The result: a smart network decreasing your costs and optimizing your productivity, satisfaction and return on your investment.

More than a provider, we are your partner supporting you from start to future.

Here’s a deeper look into how we approach each step.


DISCOVER: Through consulting engagements, we help you create a strategic plan that addresses your critical issues. TNI can assess the benefits of new networking and communications tools, technologies, and products as well as the impact of introducing them into your existing infrastructure.

DESIGN: Our main goal is to ensure that the design fits for your company now and well into the future.  Our design consultants will analyze your requirements from business, technical, and implementation viewpoints, then architect a solution that is right for your business goals and needs.

IMPLEMENT: We provide the integration and deployment of your solution, quickly bringing your new environment online. Services include multivendor project management, product procurement, configuration, staging, distribution, installation, and testing.

MANAGE: It is vital to your business to monitor and manage your environment to ensure the long term stability of your investment. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software services. Our custom offerings give you wide flexibility to choose the service levels, response times, and coverage periods that suit your IT and business needs.

& EDUCATE: We promise to leverage the brightest talents, highest certifications and most cutting-edge technologies in order to create innovative solutions carefully customized for you and your company’s individual needs and budget.