TNI is an official authorize reseller and implementation partner of SmartSimple. TNI became an approved authorize reseller and implementation partner of SmartSimple in 2016. With this partnership, TNI has added this service to our portfolio of services implementing grant management software solutions to Federal, State and Local government organizations. As mention in the previous section, in 2018 TNI was awarded contracts to support our most notable clients at the Department of Health and Human Services which are Office of National Coordinator and Administration for Children and Families. We currently have successful deployments with both organizations and now we continue to identify new clients with similar requirements reference in your Statement of Work. TNI believes we have one of the most scalable solutions for organization business operations and processes. 

SmartSimple’s process automation platform, is used by dozens of federal and state agencies to automate their processes. It provides unparalleled tracking and reporting functionality for anything from grants, to case and records management.  

This personalized software solution is used across all three levels of Government, and in 2017, SmartSimple processed 900,000 grants, with an award value of more than $4 billion. SmartSimple adheres to industry leading compliance and audit standards, including SOC 2 certified and FedRAMP Authority to Operate (at the moderate impact level issued by the US Department of Defense).

Founded in 2002 with offices in North America and Europe, it has been over a decade since SmartSimple started serving clients, and the core mission of providing personalized software solutions to its customers remains unchanged.


Grants Management at Scale – Globally there are few platforms currently supporting $4B in awarded grants annually, processing +900,000 applications, in 194 countries, in dozens of languages and currencies.  Fewer companies can boast of this accomplishment without customization (coding).

Fully Configurable Process Automation – The core concept supporting the platform is the proprietary Universal Tracking Application (™), this meta-application can be configured to track and report any data activity.  

Pioneering Spirit – From the addition of ABAC (attribute based access control) to the field level, to client configurable Amazon Alexa voice integration, to Smart Applications and Application Versioning, and Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning; SmartSimple‚Äôs innovating spirit continues to result in relevant industry firsts.

ABAC –  Provides the most granular level of access control

Amazon Alexa voice integration – Enables configurable natural language voice database queries

Smart Applications and Application Versioning – allowing the creation of concurrent versions of applications and forms all using a common set of underlying fields, with the benefit of easy creation and modification and testing for forms pre-launch, as well as the preservation of past form values and appearance.